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My name is Maverick Oler. I play League of Legends competitivly and am in the process of making a high school team for Northeastern High School in Fountain City Indiana. My goal is to someday play on the LCS stage, I practice reguarly to acheive that goal. My college choice is undecided as of now, I'm ranked in gold and keep jumping between IV and II. I play top lane with champions such as Aatrox, Kled, Irelia, Sion, Riven, etc. My summoner name is 0ler. One of these days I hope to be competing on that LCS stage and fulfill my dream. I know I can do it. I just have to unlock the rest of my potential. So watch out world. "The World Ender is Here!" - Aatrox

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Top lane Competitive Player Wanting Esports Career NA (Midwest)

Top Lane

I have been playing League for 4 years now, I picked it up competitively about 2 years ago. I am ranked gold 2 and want a genuine future playing the game competitively. I play lots of different classes and champions top lane to make any team comp work.

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