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A Chinese League Of Legends tournament has been put on hold over outbreak fears

The organisers behind China’s League Of Legends Pro League have put the tourney on indefinite hold. The recent coronavirus outbreak, which has so far claimed 56 lives and infected 2,000 people in China and beyond, has scuppered plans to kick off week 2 of the LPL on February 5th. Instead, the esports season has been given a time-out until this outbreak blows over, and digital sports can be played without risk of potentially deadly infection. (more…)

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State wants Riot to pay more in gender discrimination settlement

 A recent intervention from Californian state regulators could lead to an amendment in Riot's gender discrimination settlement from the initial sum of $10 million to over $400 million.The original amount, which was publicly announced back in December 2019, was to be divided between approximately 1,000 women who had worked at Riot between November 2014 and the time at which the settlement was finalized.However, according to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times, the California Department of Fair…

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Riot Tabletop is the League Of Legends developer's new board game division

Riot Games have announced the opening of Riot Tabletop, a brand new tabletop division currently working on a brand new board game, Tellstones: King’s Gambit. This isn’t the developer’s first foray into the world of tabletop gaming, but now they finally have a dedicated team to get to work on all things board games.“We re gamers. That means more to us than just video games,” Riot explain. “You can tell by the piles of board games, miniatures, and roleplaying books stashed around the office. So…

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Legends Of Runeterra's open beta kicks off at the end of January

We’re just two weeks away from getting our hands on Riot Games’ shiny new League Of Legends CCG, Legends Of Runeterra, as it hits open beta on the 24th January. The beta marks the start of the very first ranked season, in which players will be able to climb from Iron to Master rank just like in League Of Legends. It’ll also bring three new guardians, six new boards, loads of updated cards, a bunch of improvements, and a friends list so you can challenge all of your pals. (more…)

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League Of Legends kicking off the new season with a Warriors cover

As League Of Legends winds up to start its tenth season on Friday, Riot Games have dropped a new anthem for the MOBA – or an old one, really. The new season’s cinematic music video is a cover of Warriors, see, the iconic (and never-bested) 2014 World Championship theme by Imagine Dragons. Now the song is all grim, choral, and bwampy, like so many other modern moody pop covers, which seems a bit of a shame. As for the new season, preparations are all set, with a new character and a whole heap of…

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League of Legends spawns another brilliant music video

League of Legends Season 10 begins tomorrow, and to celebrate a new year and a new season, Riot's released another flashy music video. The cinematic features plenty of fights and a new cover of Imagine Dragons' Warriors, originally made for League of Legends World Championship 2014. Check out the video above. I've spent a lot more time watching cinematics, music videos and live acts inspired by League of Legends than I've spent playing the game—I played for an hour, I was crap and everyone was awful—so…

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How to unleash the ferocious strength of League of Legends' newest champion, Sett

League of Legends' Sett, and Season 10, is nearly upon us. As well as a whole host of changes to Summoner’s Rift ushered in over the course of preseason, the new ranked season heralds the arrival of a new champion: Sett.While many of the champions from LoL’s in-game nation of Ionia are denizens of peace, harmony, and a decent helping of elemental magic, Sett is a little different. The Boss is the leader of an Ionian crime syndicate whose greatest strengths are his physical prowess and damage threshold.


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New League of Legends season starts soon

Riot tweeted out two images on Sunday, the first showing Urgot using his chains over the words "in 5 days we break them" and the second declaring that the 2020 season begins on January 10.Season 10 will begin with a soft reset of ranked, with new ranks calculated based on performance during the pre-season as well as placement matches. Just like in season nine, you'll get a provisional rank after your first match of the season and only after eight matches will it become visible.The first League of…

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TFT 9.24b items cheat sheet

It seems Riot just can’t leave TFT alone for a few weeks before dropping a patch! The 9.24b hot-fix patch has tinkered with a couple of items that saw an increased amount of usage and were proving to be a tad too effective. There were bigger changes of course, not least of which the 3-star health stats across each champion, but the updates to Swordbreaker and Hush are important too. (more…)

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TFT best set 2 comps 9.24b

With the last patch in TFT for this year dropping just a few days ago, there are several big changes that have happened since we last updated our TFT comps guide. Eggroll has been nerfed significantly, while other comps have had key champions upgraded to rather insane levels. (more…)

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TFT 9.24 patch notes

It’s been a while since the big TFT purge, but we’ve seen some interesting developments with the meta – mostly the dominance of a particular hyper-roll build. The next patch should be arriving within the next day or so, and there are hints that this patch will address the balance by nerfing key champions of the “Eggroll comp”. Here are some things potentially coming in the TFT 9.24 patch notes, as well as the full 9.23 patch notes for those wanting to keep up t0 date. (more…)

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TFT 9.24 items cheat sheet

With the latest TFT item updates, there’s only one significant alteration that’s relevant. Giant Slayer has had a small buff, but that’s about it as Riot seem more focused on system changes and champion/trait alterations for the time being. Still, up-to-date cheat sheets can help a lot when playing TFT. (more…)

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TFT set 2 tier list 9.24

The most recent changes to the TFT tiers and stats have added some new champions and modified a lot of stats for every champion tier. Whether or not these changes will be sufficient to stop the tide of . Below is the TFT 9.24 tier list with all the up-to-date stats. (more…)

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TFT Set 2 Traits Origins and Classes 9.24

With another patch for Teamfight Tactics comes more changes to the TFT traits. The latest update had a large amount of updates to various origins and classes, as well as a major retooling of the Shadow origin because of the recently added champion. We’ve updated all of the TFT origins and classes to reflect the 9.24 patch. (more…)

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Ruined King is the first singleplayer League of Legends game

Recently, League of Legends developer Riot Games announced Riot Forge, an effort to publish singleplayer projects set in the League of Legends universe, but made by other developers. Revealed at The Game Awards, the first Riot Forge-published game will be Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, which is being created by Darksiders Genesis developer Airship Syndicate.Ruined King is a turn-based RPG set after Burning Tides, and we'll play as LoL champions as we explore Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles.According…

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How to master League of Legends' most complex champion yet

League of Legends’ Aphelios is the game's newest champion, and he's a little more complicated than his predecessors. Riot has come out with plenty of hard-to-master characters over the years, but none of them are quite like The Weapon of the Faithful. But if you’re dead set on making Aphelios your new main, my LoL Aphelios guide will get you up to speed and onto the Rift as quickly as possible.Aphelios is a member of the Lunari, a moon-worshipping religious order from Mount Targon, a group cast out…

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Teamfight Tactics best TFT set 2 comps [9.22]

A new season in Teamfight Tactics means that we’ve somehow got a whole bunch of brand new champions and items. Putting them all together in one coherent TFT comp might be a little trickier as you’ve now got to contend with elements, as well as the fact that everything is new again. So with the new beginning, we thought we’d once again bring you the TFT best comps list for the current patch – 9.22. (more…)

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Teamfight Tactics best TFT set 2 comps [9.23]

The new season in Teamfight Tactics is in full swing and another TFT patch just dropped. That means new TFT comps can rise up and dominate your opponents. If you’ve not played TFT in a while, there’s a whole bunch of brand new champions and items. Putting them all together in one coherent TFT comp might be a little trickier as you’ve now got to contend with elements, as well as the fact that everything is new again. With the latest patch, there has already been a big Light surge in the meta…

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Louis Vuitton is selling League of Legends t-shirts for more than $800

Tens of millions of people play League of Legends every single day, and almost none of them will be able to afford even a simple t-shirt from the game's new fashion range, created by Louis Vuitton. A simple black t-shirt with some character art, for instance, will set you back $865, and it's not even close to the most expensive item of clothing. The collaboration is oddly extensive, with Louis Vuitton also designing a trophy case and several new skins. It's not the first brand I'd associate with…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays League of Legends, and she's pretty good

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a well-known member of the Democratic Party in the US who serves as the Representative for New York's 14th Congressional District. She stepped into to our little spotlight recently when she, along with other US politicians, signed a letter calling on Blizzard to reverse the punishment it imposed on Hearthstone Grandmaster Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai. But it recently came to light that she actually plays League of Legends, too—and she's pretty good at it.According to Inven…

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