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What is GYO and GYO Dashboard?

GYO is a suite of products owned by parent company Harena Data Inc. The GYO suite of tools includes, primarily, GYO Score and GYO Dashboard as two sister platforms that server similar, yet different, purposes.

GYO Score Logo

GYO Score

Primarily built for players, GYO Score is where users go to research their own stats, find players, create social/recreational clans, and generally interact with their own gameplay and gameplay data in some way.

If you wish to be discovered or simply wish to only ever manage your own esports/gaming career (and interact with friends), GYO Score is for you.

GYO Score is available for all user types and user roles.

GYO Dashboard

GYO Dashboard

Primarily built for esports organizations, coaches, and team leaders, GYO Dashboard is a tool built around doing the work of esports. For users of GYO Dashboard, they are spending time primarily managing the esports careers of others through roster management, skill management, scheduling, etc.

If you are coming to GYO to get work done, you likely will do that work most efficiently within GYO Dashboard. Your players, however, will interact with your organization through GYO Score and will not have access to GYO Dashboard.

GYO Dashboard is available only for users with coach or organization roles. You may change your role in your account settings.


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