Yone is the next LoL Champion - here are his abilities


Yone is the next LoL Champion. It was highly likely after the recent short animated video and leaked splash art that Yone would be coming to the Rift, but now we can officially say Yone is the next LoL Champ.
So who is Yone? According to League of Legends lore, Yone is Yasuo's conscientious older half-brother. Yone and Yasuo were close as children, both studying at the village's sword school - until war came to Ionia and Yone was called away, leaving the impetuous Yasuo to defend the elders. After abandoning his post to seek battle and returning to find his master Elder Souma dead, Yasuo was accused of murder, and fled his home. He was eventually tracked down by Yone, who believed in his younger brothers' guilt and sought to bring him to justice. Yasuo was forced to battle Yone, who he easily bested, and though Yasuo begged Yone for his forgiveness and tried to convince him of his innocence, Yone died still believing in his brothers' betrayal.
Yone is well known to Yasuo fans, and he's also a Legends of Runeterra card, carrying the quote: "When I was a child, I asked my brother: 'Does the wind flee, or does it follow?' He followed me then for guidance. I follow him now for justice". Here's everything we know about Yone, the next LoL champ. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: League of Legends patch 10.16 notes - Yone! Spirit Blossom Ahri, Cassiopeia, Kindred, Riven League of Legends' new Champion is Yone - here are his abilities, lore, and more League of Legends' Spirit Blossom event includes TFT and Legends of Runeterra

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