Who is League of Legends' Samira? PBE leaks mysterious new name


As highlighted in the LoL patch 10.16 notes, something intriguing has just hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment. A mysterious new emote has appeared, and while it's far from clear what it is or what it's for, it's seemingly to tied to an even bigger mystery: someone or something called 'Samira'.
As spotted by Moobeat, who runs League of Legends fansite Surrenderat20, a new emote has appeared on the MOBA game's PBE, whose icon looks like an artistic abstraction of a rose, with a shiny silver 'S' in the foreground. According to Moobeat there's no information on what the 'Style: Rank S' emote's for, but it is linked to a batch of 'easter egg' files that have also popped up. As you can see below, in the preview images of these files we can see different parts of the emote's icon, alongside various references to things like 'energy ray', 'rose', 'petals', flames', and 'shimmer' - all of which also reference 'Samira'. Hmm.
While it's far from any confirmation of sorts, it's possible this could be a very early reference to another League Champ on the way at some point. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: League of Legends patch 10.16 notes - Yone! More Spirit Blossom skins! Samira? Yone is the next LoL Champion - here are his abilities League of Legends' new Champion is Yone - here are his abilities, lore, and more

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