Welcome to the GYO Open Beta

The purpose of this Beta is to begin sharing with our early testers the various functionality and capabilities of GYO. All details you save during this Beta may not be retained after product launch.

During this Beta, you have access to the following features:

Profile Creation and Management

Game Data Access for League of Legends

Players tracking and statistics for League of Legends

Team and League Management Tool Access

If you do not have a League of Legends account and do not play the game, we recommend you select a streamer or other player in order to test the site functionality.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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I am an Xbox player and have been since the first Gen. I have over 20 years of gaming experience. I am mainly into shooters such as rainbow six, Halo, PUBG, Call of Duty and apex Legends. I've join several gaming tournament that are hosted in the city where I live.

My skills are more supportive during battles but I am able to be on the aggressive side as well during battles and able to change tactics during the fights. Also I’m able to work well within the team with great call outs, sharing my collected items and staying with the team. I’m ready to play competitive and sometimes for fun with a team that is open minded, has great communication and determination.

Gamertag on Xbox -NFamousMonster 

Apex domination



easy 18 kill game on apex

Apex domination