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The purpose of this Beta is to begin sharing with our early testers the various functionality and capabilities of GYO. All details you save during this Beta may not be retained after product launch.

During this Beta, you have access to the following features:

Profile Creation and Management

Game Data Access for League of Legends

Players tracking and statistics for League of Legends

Team and League Management Tool Access

If you do not have a League of Legends account and do not play the game, we recommend you select a streamer or other player in order to test the site functionality.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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The Simpsons does esports this weekend and it's LOL

The Simpsons has noticed esports and now there's an esports episode of The Simpsons.E My Sports, which broadcasts Sunday, 17th March in the US, sees Bart try his hand at becoming an esports star, with Homer his coach. Here's the official blurb:"As Bart begins to excel in video game competitions, Homer discovers a passion for coaching him. Lisa attempts to bring Homer back to reality, but the plan causes chaos."Read more

The Simpsons joins with Riot Games to turn Bart into an esports star

"Esports is mainstream" is rapidly becoming the "PC gaming is not dead" of the new millennium. In case there was any lingering doubt, an upcoming episode of The Simpsons (which is now in its 30th season, holy cow) will see Bart become a rising star in pro gaming, while Homer takes on the role of his coach. To ensure an appropriate level of "authenticity" in the episode, entitled "E My Sports," the producers consulted with League of Legends studio Riot Games, specifically esports co-heads Whalen Rozelle…

God help me, I've started playing League of Legends

It's only three months into 2019 and already the year is off to a banging start. There are so many excellent new games to play like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus, and even more on the horizon. But I'm not playing any of those games. For some damn reason I've decided now is the perfect time to become hopelessly addicted to League of Legends.Help me.I've somehow plunked around 25 hours into it in just five days. That's enough to be a part time job. And even though I intend to use my…

Riot Games hires its first Chief Diversity Officer

Six months after an in-depth Kotaku report revealed a pervasive "bro culture" at League of Legends studio Riot Games, the company has hired Angela Roseboro, formerly of Dropbox, as its first Chief Diversity Officer. Roseboro will oversee all diversity and inclusion activities at the studio, as well as the creation of new programs aimed at encouraging a more inclusive culture, and will "lead the recruiting team in driving inclusivity in Riot’s hiring and talent sourcing processes." "I've had the…

Riot video series offers an introduction to creating game art

If I wanted to become a videogame artist, Riot Games probably wouldn't be my first choice of instructors, but even if I'm pretty sure this Champion is just Iron Giant with boxing gloves, Riot's 'So You Wanna Make Games' video series is pretty good, offering a basic overview of the various fields aspiring game artists can pursue. The first episode is embedded above, and you can find all the videos in this playlist. They cover everything from VFX and UI design to concept art and animation, running…

League of Legends patch 9.2 brings Sylas the Unshackled to the arena Thursday

A new League of Legends hero named Sylas the Unshackled is coming to the game in the 9.2 patch that's set to go live tomorrow. Sylas brings "merciless magical attacks" to the fight, including an ultimate ability that enables him to steal an opponent's ultimate and use it himself. Sylas' Chain Lash attack damages and slightly slows enemies, and also causes a delayed explosion (with an increased slow effect) where they intersect. Kingslayer is a powerful lunging attack that damages enemies and heals…

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