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Based on our research, over 100 schools will be offering esports college scholarship in the 2019 academic school year, and over 450 schools beyond that will have some formal school-affiliated esports social club and/or varsity team. As competitive gaming expands, the schools have taken advantage of the trends to create league and tournament programs that promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and social competition.

For teenage gamers, there has never been a more appropriate time to begin looking at schools for esports programs that will provide a fun extracurricular activity on-campus at the very least, and a possible scholarship at best. Start your journey by registering for a GYO Free Member account and begin getting your data analyzed by our system. As schools begin to research potential recruits, you could be on the receiving end of messages direct from recruiters!

If you’d like to see which schools are offering scholarships and esports programs, check out our school directory below.


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