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For most games, leaderboards only show the glamor stats - kills, damage, etc. However, we believe most games involve deeper levels of performance consideration. We have a different approach, and we believe in rewarding players who show exemplary performances in several key skill areas beyond the K/D.

To analyze skill, we look specifically for the Game's Effective Mechanics (GEMs) and measure your performance based on a simple principal: are you doing your job? If the mechanics of the game or your role dictate that you capture control points, heal players, use shields, etc etc, we analyze whether or not you are doing these things and doing them effectively. This is the core principal of our GEMs system.

As we continue to evolve the platform, we will begin awarding gemstones exemplary performances within these key performance verticals. The better you perform, the more gems you will earn, and the larger your treasure horde will grow overtime. Later, as you examine your riches, a comprehensive profile of who you are as a player will begin to emerge based on the types of gems you have, and the frequency which you receive them.

Play your game your way and so long as you are contributing to the team and playing your role according to the GEMs, you'll earn your treasure with GYO.

The GYO Scale


Numbers like the above which indicate your GYO score. The scale is from 0 to 1.000. A zero indicates no effort in a given category, while 1.000 represents near-perfect execution.

The normal expected range for each value is different. Use these scores as a baseline for your current performance and as an indicator for how you can improve. Compare these numbers to other players in your desired target performance range to understand how to adjust your game.

League of Legends GEM Verticals

GYO Aggression

For the traditional, offensive minded player who often looks for engagements and scoring opportunities above all else, we choose the red Ruby. A strong Ruby can turn the tide of battle, but a reckless one can single-handedly sink a team and a full team of Rubies will rarely succeed in a team-based objective mode.

Good Play
  • Strong K/D
  • High Damage Dealt to players and objectives
  • Ability to keep large kill streaks and obtain high multikills
  • Objective aggressiveness
Poor Play
  • Weak KDA
  • Passive play - inability to exchange damage
  • Inability to connect kills in kill streaks on damage dealing champions and roles

GYO Defense

The blue Sapphire represents a player who often provides more defensive value than offensive. In many games, this represents the role of the Tank or Defender, and often centers around timely teamplay and the perseverance of sustained attacks. Above all else, survival is the name of the game for Sapphires and their teammates.

Good Play
  • Absorbs a lot of enemy damage
  • Effective use of defensive abilities
  • Minimal total death count
Poor Play
  • Lone Wolf play - going in alone and frequently dying without teammates
  • Absorbs a lot of damage, but doesn't survive or know when to get out of team fights
  • Overemphasis on damage dealing at expense of defense abilities

GYO Strategy

The green Emerald is the prize jewel of the strategic player, a player knowledgeable to know what the team needs to emerge victorious from specific matchups. An Emerald is often concerned with map control and strategic objectives that help their team be successful.

Good Play
  • Keep control of dragons and barons
  • Knows how to trade objectives and when
Poor Play
  • Focus on kills over objectives
  • Stubbornly defends objectives that may be lost causes

GYO Vision

The yellow Citrine player is one who attempts to see and understand the whole battlefield. A strong Citrine is efficient and effective with ward placements and clearing to help their player take control of the map.

Good Play
  • Frequent, useful ward placement
  • Destroying wards often
  • Ward efficiency
Poor Play
  • Infrequent ward usage
  • Placed wards too easy to find and often destroyed quickly

GYO Farming

For orange Ambers, resource collection and management is the name of the game. Proper Ambers always have strong gold income and experience levels by farming minions and jungle camps, and can ensure their team doesn't fall behind in the resource race.

Good Play
  • Strong Overall CS
  • Strong Gold Per Minute Production
  • Strong Experience Per Minute Generation
  • Good survivability
Poor Play
  • Inefficient resource generation
  • Too much focus on enemy players and not enough on minions
  • Low jungle camps (for Junglers)

GYO Team Work

A purple Amethyst player often puts team ahead of self, and leads through communication and effective support of teammates. Communication and timing is key, as an Amethyst is often front and center in team fights and objective pushes, and they are helping sustain the team as they make their charge.

Good Play
  • High Kill Participation
  • High Objective Participation
  • Strong Ability to Land CC Abilities
  • Provides heals/shields/support skills to fellow teammates
Poor Play
  • Missing in Action during team fights
  • Can't land CC or support skills/abilities
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